Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Suit Card

This is the Christmas card I made for everyone at my office. I wanted something quick & simple, and cheap since I was mass producing them (I needed 45 to give one to all my co-workers). I got the idea for this in one of Laura's 10 in 10 card classes. Mine is a little different but I have to give her credit for the idea. This card is simple, I hand cut the red pieces, adhered them to the card and added black brads. Next I put the ribbon through a pop can top (for the buckle) and adhered it to the card. That's all there is to it! Everyone at work loved them. I took the day off from work yesterday to try to catch up on a few things. I might have to do that every December, it made a world of difference in my stress level! My shopping is almost done! Cards are almost finished!


Janice W. said...

Such a cute card!! Thanks for sharing!

rubberstampinzone said...

This is SUPER CUTE. Love it!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Heidi, I don't believe you that these were 45!!! That is amazing. They are great.