Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pergamano Coaster

I said in my last post that I would post some of my original Pergamano projects that I made years ago. This is one of my first Pergamano projects. I made this small Pergamano project and put it in a coaster that I bought at Michaels. I made a lot of mistakes on this one, but I still think it looks pretty nice. It's so delicate and different that I don't think people notice all the mistakes I made! Pergamano is a technique that involves embossing on parchment paper. Hope you're having a great weekend and are staying cool!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back from Texas....

I had so much fun in Texas! The people there are so friendly, and I loved the city. Definitely different from East Coast life! Here are a few pics from my trip. I got my hair done while I was there. I went back to being blonde! I had a lot of fun at the hockey games and the Hershey Bears won both games I attended. It was worth the 3030 miles round trip! I went to San Antonio and saw the Alamo and also went to Waco and visited the Branch Davidian/Waco massacre site. That was very moving, and extremely sad. I didn't realize so many young people died during that stand off. The hockey picture is when my team won Game 5 in Overtime!! They came over and celebrated next to the glass almost right in front of me. How thoughtful of them, I got some good pictures!

On a crafting note, I've been taking lessons on Pergamano. I love this technique! I took a few lessons on Pergamano several years ago, then got sidetracked on other things, and decided I wanted to try it again. I found a teacher nearby and have really enjoyed learning about Pergamano again. Pergamano is dry embossing on Parchment paper. I mostly like the look of white on white Pergamano, so most of the cards and projects I make using the Pergamano technique won't have much color. I think it looks so elegant and is just beautiful. I made this card as a wedding card for my brother & his fiance. This technique is time consuming, it took me over 3 hours to make this card. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I think it's my best pergamano project that I've made! I'll post some of my original creations from years ago later, but they are not as good as this one. Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monkey Business

Hi there, I just love this monkey template. He's a new one by Lasting Impressions. On the template, he's not hanging upside down. He's hanging from his arms. You can see it here. I then saw a card on Laura's blog that I thought was so cute, with a monkey hanging by it's legs. So I thought, I can change this monkey to hang by it's legs too! I embossed each part of his body separately and then put him together to look like he's hanging from his legs. Then I used another template for the birthday gift and then tried to make it look like he was holding the gift.

Hope you are having a great weekend. You all know I am a big hockey fan. Well, my team the Capitals didn't make it very far in the playoffs this year, so now I am obsessing over the Capitals minor league team. I am off to Hershey, PA for a day trip today to watch the Hershey Bears play in Game 2 of 7 of the Calder Cup finals. Then in a few days, I am traveling to TX to watch the Hershey Bears take on their opponent the TX Stars for Games 4 and 5. I am looking forward to getting away, even if it's for a short time!