Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sketch Cards

Hi, I've been gone awhile! I'm packing up and getting ready for a move and have been so busy. It is hard to pack up everything after living in the same home for 10 years. I am looking forward to getting settled in my new craft room! Last month, I visited my friend Cin in Canada. We had so much fun playing in her wonderfully organized craft room! We know each other through the Yahoo Embossing group that I've mentioned here before, and we made cards to swap with each other, based ona sketch. Cin used a template that I gave her, which is 3 flowers and leaves (see pic above) and saw a bunny instead of flowers! She used the template to make a bunny card. I was amazed, I guess I am very literal and just never see things for anything other than their true intention! The chick card is the card I made for Cin based on the sketch. Happy Spring!