Monday, August 23, 2010

OT: Mike Green

Hi, I wanted to share something a little off topic. This past Saturday, I volunteered at an elementary school in DC with Mike Green, defenseman for the Washington Capitals, and about 100 other Caps fans. The Caps donated paint, supplies for kids and teachers, plants & flowers, etc and we spent the morning sprucing up the school. This school definitely needed our help, it was in bad shape. I was on the goody bag committee. I never got a goody bag for going back to school, so I was a tad jealous. Especially because the goody bags were filled with school supplies and Caps trinkets! We also filled goody bags for the teachers, which consisted of construction paper, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and an electric pencil sharpener. We delivered the goody bags to the classrooms and I was amazed at the teacher's reactions. Every one of them was SO thankful for all the supplies, but especially for that pencil sharpener. One teacher said she had been asking for a pencil sharpener for 3 years and the school couldn't afford it. How sad is it that an electric pencil sharpener is so high on their list!!? I was sad and amazed at the same time. Mike Green was very nice and took the time to speak with each volunteer and sign autographs. I love this picture of me with him. When I first met him several years ago, I was so excited, I had a huge goofy smile on my face and I was blushing so badly (can you blame me, he's sort of cute) so the picture turned out horrible. At least I was able to take a better picture with him this time! Hope to be back later this week with some crafty posts!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cards for Kids

Above is a card I made for the little Ring Bearer that was in my brother's wedding. He is my brother's wife's nephew. He did such a good job as a ring bearer and as the oldest grandchild in their family, he is so helpful with the other kids. He just loves my brother's iPod Touch and always wants to play games on it. He told my brother that he decided he's saving his money to buy an iPhone. The cutest thing was that my brother asked him who he was going to call (he's in 2nd grade this year) and he said he would call his Mom. He was open about being for hire to do chores to earn money so he could buy the phone. I made this card and sent it to him with $5 and told him I hope it got him closer to his goal of buying the iPhone. I used Stampin' Up punches to make the card, and printed a picture of him & his brother and sister and put it on the front, to resemble how photos look on the iPhone. I hope he likes the card!

Above is a frog card I made with Stampin' Up punches. This is for the youngest nephew. They all looked so cute at the wedding and were so well behaved. I made these cards and put some money in each one to send to them. I made the bee/flower card out of punches too, for one of the flower girls.

And, the last group of cards for the kids. I made these from punches too. I made the watermelon card for the youngest flower girl, she loves fruit and vegetables! I made the bite mark in the watermelon with a scallop circle punch. I just used the very edge of it to make it look like someone had bit into the watermelon. The other card is supposed to look like Legos! I hope I accomplished the look!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I got the pattern to make these cute little purses from this blog. Aren't they so cute? I made them to send to my brother's wife's sisters. I met them for the first time at the wedding, and they were so nice & welcoming to our family. I filled them with some mints and closed them with some velcro tape. They are pretty small, I was thinking they might be good to hold a gift card. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Embossed Card

This is a card I made for a 1-on-1 embossing card swap. You could choose any theme, so I chose to use some of my new Lasting Impressions templates for this card. I love how it turned out. I just love that new tree template. Hope you're having a good weekend. It's a rainy day here, so I'm spending the day in my craft room, still trying to un-bury my table from wedding related projects. Hope to work on something new this afternoon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a Zoo!

Hi there, this is a door hanger that I made for an embossing swap. I had a hard time coming up with a theme for it, and I looked around my craft room and was inspired to make this! Trust me, it is a total zoo in my craft room right now!! Haven't had time to clean up after being out of town for my brother's wedding. I am in the midst of some fun projects and also trying to clean out and get rid of a lot of stuff. I used Lasting Impressions templates for the animals, their frames and the words. All of the paper is by Lasting Impressions too. I used several sheets of cardstock (4? I can't remember) to make the strong backing for the door hanger. Hope you are having a great summer!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Craftiness

When you entered the reception hall, there was a table where you could stop & pick up your name place card. They had 203 guests at this wedding!! On the same table, they had two frames, one with the save the date card and this message thanking me for making the save the dates & invitations, and the frame next to it had the invitation on it for display. I got so many compliments (even from men! You know you did a good job when a man compliments your crafts!) and I thought it was so sweet of them to do that for me.

Kristen & Jeff made the centerpieces themselves, I think they turned out so good. They used mason jars, filled them with coffee beans and stuck daisies in the top. I thought they were so cute. In an effort to save money and not use so many coffee beans, they rolled up a piece of brown cardstock and stuck it in the middle of the mason jar. The coffee beans are just around the glass and the center where the flowers are is empty, inside the rolled up cardstock. I thought that was a great idea.

This was the table for gifts. My Aunt JoAnn came from TX for the wedding and brought Jeff & Kristen this quilt that she made for them. She brought a couple sharpie pens and had people sign the quilt as they came in. Everyone signed on the white part of the quilt. I had never heard of this before, and it was a huge hit. The quilt was beautiful, and done in pinks & browns, their wedding colors. You can see the black/white canvas wall hanging that I made for them in this pic as well. I posted a photo of it last week on my blog. Kristen saw it before the wedding and started crying! I am so glad she liked it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Photos

I'm back from my brother's wedding. We had so much fun, the day was just perfect and everything went smoothly. I'll post a few more photos tomorrow that have some crafty stories behind them. Whhewwww.... I am glad this wedding is over. Now I'll have more time to craft for fun!