Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cards for Kids

Above is a card I made for the little Ring Bearer that was in my brother's wedding. He is my brother's wife's nephew. He did such a good job as a ring bearer and as the oldest grandchild in their family, he is so helpful with the other kids. He just loves my brother's iPod Touch and always wants to play games on it. He told my brother that he decided he's saving his money to buy an iPhone. The cutest thing was that my brother asked him who he was going to call (he's in 2nd grade this year) and he said he would call his Mom. He was open about being for hire to do chores to earn money so he could buy the phone. I made this card and sent it to him with $5 and told him I hope it got him closer to his goal of buying the iPhone. I used Stampin' Up punches to make the card, and printed a picture of him & his brother and sister and put it on the front, to resemble how photos look on the iPhone. I hope he likes the card!

Above is a frog card I made with Stampin' Up punches. This is for the youngest nephew. They all looked so cute at the wedding and were so well behaved. I made these cards and put some money in each one to send to them. I made the bee/flower card out of punches too, for one of the flower girls.

And, the last group of cards for the kids. I made these from punches too. I made the watermelon card for the youngest flower girl, she loves fruit and vegetables! I made the bite mark in the watermelon with a scallop circle punch. I just used the very edge of it to make it look like someone had bit into the watermelon. The other card is supposed to look like Legos! I hope I accomplished the look!


Donna said...

Absolutely fabulous, Heidi ... each and everyone of those kids' cards! You are so clever and so generous. :-) Donna

Janice W. said...

You are so creative! These are all fantastic! And so much love went into each one! The lego card definitely looks like legos! So clever!

GeminiJen said...

Cute, cute cards. They'll love the dollars too. One of Alex's favorite things. :)

Susan said...

Very clever and very cute cards. I bet they bring a smile to each kid that is receiving one. Very nice of you to make these for them!

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