Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monkey Bread!

I'm hostessing an A-Z Recipe card swap over at the PaperCrafts site. Everyone signs up for a different letter of the alphabet and then makes a recipe card using a recipe starting with that letter. At the end of the swap, everyone will have a complete set of recipe cards, from A-Z! I let everyone sign up for their letter before I chose, so that left me with "U". I couldn't think of a recipe that started with U so I added "Unbelievably Good!" to the front of this monkey bread recipe. I like how it turned out. (Even if I am ready to throw that sizzix die out the window... so tedious running that thing through the cuttlebug 52 times - once for the darker brown color and once for the lighter brown color on the monkey)! How do people deal with die cuts?? I just don't have the patience.

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

mmmmm... monkey bread! my mom used to always make us monkey bread on special occassions. this is so cute! i love your monkey! :)