Monday, August 25, 2008

Explosion Box

I know, maybe I'm a little late to jump on the explosion box bandwagon. I think the thought of scoring paper a zillion times only to have my folds not line up properly (because it's inevitable that they wouldn't!) was just too much. So at CKC, I signed up for an explosion box class. And low and behold, the paper in our class kit was already cut and scored for us!!! All we had to do was fold the box and lid and then cover it with paper and embellish. I love how it turned out. The cool thing is, this explosion box has pockets (I hope you can tell from the picture) so you can put some hidden pics in the box.

Last year when the explosion boxes were so popular, someone at the PaperCrafts site had a 1 for 1 explosion box swap. You make an explosion box for your partner and they send one to you. I heard that someone wrote on the outside of the box "Explosion Box swap." Apparently that scared the post office. They tracked the sender down and questioned her about the contents of the box. They ended up letting the recipient have it, but they made her come to the post office to pick it up! So if you're sending one of these through the mail, don't write "Explosion Box" on the outside!


Nettie said...

That is a funny story Heidi! Love your box I have always wanted to make one but never have.


Lindsay said...

These explosion boxes have always amazed me. I've never tried one, but you make me want to! Yours is fantastic!! :)