Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm so excited!

We're leaving in a few days for vacation! I cannot wait! The last week-long vacation that I went on was in September 2003. We've decided it's time to get away! So we're headed to Gatlinburg TN. Zubie & Bunny are going to "school", it's the doggy day care they go to once a week. They have cageless overnight boarding there so it doesn't make me feel too guilty about leaving them. At least they are familiar with the place and they love going there. Rusty gets to come with us. She's never been to school and I think it would freak her out. (She's completely blind now and isn't very friendly to other dogs that just come up and sniff her when she's not expecting it.)

I'm trying to get all my swaps finished so I can go on vacation & relax and not worry about having to hurry up and finish them when I get home. I'm hosting a Halloween recipe card swap and this is the card I made for it. I immediately thought of this recipe when I was going through all my Halloween templates, looking for something I could use. I like how it turned out. Have a great weekend!

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