Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dog Grooming

I took a dog grooming class a couple months ago. I got sick of paying $75 for each of my dogs to be groomed. It adds up when you have 3 dogs. Plus, it is just a lot of time and hassle getting them in the car and leaving them with the groomer. It's a lot of stress on both them and me. I'm not sure me grooming them is any less stressful on me, but hopefully it is on them. I cut Zubie's hair for the first time last night. Here are the before & after pics. I knew he did not like his nails cut (he bites) but he would not even let me get the clippers near his legs or paws! He was biting at the clippers and at my hands! He is a very stubborn and strong-willed dog! I cut him the best I could, I really needed someone else here feeding him treats to distract him while I did his legs. Guess I'll have to plan ahead next time!

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Jen said...

Hey Heidi,
I'm bringing over my goldens, they will just lick you the whole time! lol