Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're expecting snow!

We're expecting snow in the DC area today... a dusting to an inch of snow. There's already talk of schools closing early and it hasn't even started snowing yet. hehehe... It's so funny to me after growing up in NE Ohio where we would get 2-5 inches of snow overnight an still have to go to school in the morning. In honor of our expected snowfall, I am posting these snowmen cards. The first one with the polka-dot background that says "Warmest Wishes" is a card that was given to me by my friend Donna. She does wonderful embossing and always encourages me to do more embossing. (She's a bad influence! hehehe, just kidding!) I love that she prints a lot of her sentiments from her computer, I never think to do that. The tall skinny snowman is a card I made based on the color scheme from Donna's card. I usually don't think to use pink, black and white together. I love how the cards turned out though. I'll have to use this color combination more often.


Rae said...

Oh WOW ~ love your snowman!! And the pink/black/white color combo for a winter/snow card is too, too cute ~ love it!!

Jennie Skaggs said... both of them. :) I don't even think to make winter cards after Christmas. I guess i am ready for spring. Jennie

Michelle said...

LOVE the snowmen!