Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Recipe Cards

I've been signing up for some recipe card swaps on the Paper Crafts Magazine website. I've really been enjoying the challenge of creating on a larger space than I 'm used to (I don't really scrapbook, just mainly do cards). The first picture is a recipe card I made for a holiday treats recipe swap. These cards are 6x6 so they fit nicely in that sized scrapbook. I remember my mom making these candy cane cookies every year for us. They are delicious! I made them this year, took them to work, and they were gone in less than an hour!

The second picture is a card I made for an Iron Chef recipe swap. This was a real challenge! You sign up for the swap and have to pick your category (salad, dessert, beverage, etc) before you even know what the secret ingredient is! I don't watch Iron Chef on TV so I'm not sure I fully understood what I was getting into. I picked beverage and the secret ingredient was oranges. Easy! Whhewww! Turns out my family makes this orange slush every Christmas holiday... only ours is a slightly modified version with Vodka. I forgot to add we freeze it after making it so that is where the "slush" comes in. Oh well.

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Chrisi's Blog Stuff said...

ok EXCELLENT blog entry and FANTASTIC ideas! I love them both. I also want a copy of the Candy Cane Cookie card (for the recipe actually). It'd be good w/ sprinkled broken up candy cane on top.