Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Different Takes on a Valentine

I made the black/white/pink Love card first, and wasn't really happy with the way the color combo looked together. I then decided to try it in a red/black/white color combo (my fav) and liked how it turned out much better. I used Lasting Impressions templates and paper for both of these cards.

Now if I could only take a good photo of these cards... I swear I think I took pics of these cards at least a dozen times each. It's terrible that I leave for work when it's still dark out and get home when it's dark out, so no chance of having daylight to help with the quality of my photos.
I have two Ott lights and set them both up on either side of my cards, and still have shadows and they look dark to me. If anyone has any tips for taking better photos, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!


Laura said...

Do you have photo editing software? I don't know what I would do without Photoshop Elements to brighten the lighting of my cards. I am never able to use daylight when taking my picts.

ant me. said...

oh Heidi! I love them both but I must say the red one is my fav!!

Heidi, you've been "photo tagged" : ) Come visit my blog for more details. I hope you can play along. (((Hugs))) Patti

Annette said...

I love both of them, they are totally adorable!!! I got a giggle from reading your post, I have the exact same problem. If it is nice outside, I can get a photo by putting my card on the porch but most of the time I retake and retake and it take forever to get a good photo, then I think the ones I get aren't even that great. I have one window in my craft room and when the sun is out I can usually get a decent photo if I put it by the window, that seems to help.
I hope you get your snow, I think the further north the better chance and you are north of me so you should get some good snow! It is iffy with us on what we will get but I am hoping!!! Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

I love them both too but I think the red would also be my favorite. Great cards! You need to run over to my blog when you have a chance....I have something there for you to pick up!

Suzanne :O ) said...

fun cards! I like the way you did the diagonal strips of paper :)

Anonymous said...

Great Layout and two super cute cards. I especially love the Red one .... It just pops right out at you.

I guess a few of us have camera/ lighting problems eh'? It's crazy how sometimes the colors don't even look the same once you take the picture and get it posted.