Friday, January 9, 2009

Iron Chef Recipe Card

December's Iron Chef Recipe Card swap surprise ingredient was cream cheese! Yum! I love cream cheese. I chose pie/cake as my category so this was an easy one. I found this recipe for a pear cake that has cream cheese in it. I dry embossed the pear and the actual recipe is tucked behind the ingredients as a pull out. I think my page needs something else, more colors or something, but I ran out of time. I had to get my pages out before Christmas, so they went out like this. I'm hoping to be more organized in the New Year and not procrastinate so much on my swaps. Any bets on how long I can keep that resolution?!


Kathy said...

Totally adorable, and I don't think it needs anything. I think it's perfect how it is!

And how is your handwriting so perfect?!! I am so so jealous of that!

Suzanne :O ) said...

heidi, these are adorable! they don't need anything else at all :) you really must have a template for everything! :) :) :) I really miss swapping :(

Jen said...

I love your recipe cards! I have quite a few from other swaps they are always my Fav!

Anonymous said...

Totally Perfect! And I'm lucky enough to have one of them! Love it. Then again. I love anything you create.


Janice W. said...

Love the embossed pear!! Great job!