Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Candy!!

In honor of my 200th post (which will probably happen next week, I'm pretty close), I'm giving away some blog candy. Sorry for the bad pic, but I don't have the energy to post a better pic right now! I'm giving away Heidi Swapp white florals, Hey Chicky stamp set by CC Designs, "dream' scrap metal word, Me & My Big Ideas bling word (Bride), Studio G clear stamp set, Etcetera chipboard embellishments (shoes & purses), A Muse clear stickers, Brenda Walton stickers (purses), Congratulations rub ons, Icicles bubble frames, and Bazzill blue corduroy brads. Open to everyone, I'll ship internationally if the winner isn't in the US. All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me something good!

April has been a rough month for me. I need to vent about all of it for a minute. I've been battling bronchitis. Seems like I'm never going to stop coughing! On Sunday, I was walking down the stairs and Zubie got under my feet and tripped me. I really took a tumble and am still pretty sore & bruised! The Smart car that I ordered a year ago finally arrived in the US last week but I haven't sold the one I have now so I can't pick up my new one since I don't have the money to pay for it! A couple weeks ago, we had some friends move to the area. They are looking for a house and we invited them to live with us until they're able to find a house. The wife is from Brazil and doesn't speak much English. It has really been an adjustment sharing my kitchen with another person. They refuse to use the dishwasher and don't do a good job hand cleaning the dishes. And I'm beginning to think they don't have refrigerators in Brazil. Any leftovers they have just sit out, sometimes for over 24 hours, and then they still eat them!! Ewwww!

One of my friends had a brain aneursym last week and her condition is improving, but it's going to be a long road ahead. She's 28 years old and is 5 months pregnant. The initial prognosis is she is paralyzed on her right side and may lose some vision, but the baby is fine. It's been devestating to her family, as this just happened with no signs or symptoms beforehand. Please pray for a full recovery for her. Her name is Christy Hogan and the baby's name is Addison. Sure makes me feel like all my "issues" are insignificant.

So, please tell me something good that's happened to you, or just something good in general. I wanna hear it! I'll pick a winner using a random number generator on April 28th.
Deadline to enter is April 28th at 6:00am Eastern Time.


Lindsay said...

Oh Heidi! My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry to hear you have had such a hard week. I will be saying a few prayers that things start to look "up". :)

Let's see... something good. Well, I have had a rough year or so, but things are finally getting better. I have bought my own house for me and Zoie (and it is hard to do w/out child support, but we are making it just fine!), I have a car that is paid for (thanks to the IRS's "loan" they call a tax credit that I have to pay back over 15 years), and I have a good job. I have fantastic friends (including YOU!) and a daughter that I love with all my heart. I have had boughts of illness too, but I am finally at a point where I am happy with life and am doing good. I am dating a great guy who loves me and Zoie. He even gave me a promise ring! A year ago I never thought I would be where I am, but I am thankful for everything I have been through to get me to this point.

Things will get better Heidi. You have lots of friends who love you. I think of you often... every time I see the housewarming card you made me on my wall, and it gives me a constant reminder that there ARE people out there who care, even if we have never personally met.

Wishing you a better day, week, month and year.

Lots of Love,

Jen said...

Hey Heidi,
My thouights go out to you and your friends. I was thinking maybe a quote would cheer you up, I read it yesterday and thought it was good advice

"The main thing in one's own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry"

-Maya Angelou

Things will get better, I will be sending good Karma your way!


Chrisi said...

Ok both the Caps and the Nats one tonight!

rubberstampinzone said...

something good eh' . . Well Heidi, The first thing that comes to mind is you. You're good. Actually you're extraordinarily good! You've done so much to make other people smile. me included and I know that you've just hit a bump in the road. Soon . . everything will come up smelling like roses. I'm sorry that you've had a tough time of it lately. But just know that you have a friend in me and I'm pulling for you. And wishing you well . And hoping for all things good to happen for you and soon! Hang in there kiddo! Oh and congrats on your upcoming 200th post. That's another good thing. Your blog . . . I love visiting and the things you create are beyond good. Glad your blogging. How's that for good things?

Cin said...

I know this is spring and all but Geez Louise! When it rains it certainly does pour doesn't it? I KNEW something was up since I hadn't seen the usual amount of wonderful and creative projects of yours nor had I seen your sweet and most appreciated comments on my blog as of late.

Sorry to hear that you're having such a tough go of things. What usually puts things in perspective for me is to remind myself "Somewhere out there, there is someone having a worse day than me." If that doesn't work, I eat something bad for me and then try to crawl into bed with the covers over my head hiding from the world and try to stay there until I feel a little better.

Things in my little world seem to be somewhat like yours but I need not look far to find something good. A very thoughtful and sweet friend sent me a wonderful gift in the mail yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks!

Between dealing with lawsuits, crappy weather, boys with cabin fever, a messy house, etc. I'd have to say that the next great thing is that Matt came home from work yesterday early yesterday because there was a HUGE power outage. I decided to go to Indigo to browse a bit since I never get a chance to do things like that. I hit the bargain book area and found 2 books mildly interesting and scooped them both up since they were only $2.00 each. While I was digging through my change purse which always seems empty to try and find enough money, the woman said there was an additional 50% off so I got 2 books at Indigo for $2.10. I think it'd cost me more in gas to go down to the library to get 2 books. Okay, I just realized I'm writing a novel here! Sorry : ( (feel free to edit this post)

Sending hugs from Canada!

mspiggy7 said...

Hi, Heidi; I follow your blog every day & love all your projects, sense of humor, & thoughtfulness to others so it saddens me to hear about all of your bad situations. I will certainly pray for your friend that is so ill and hope that your life gets happier as that is what you do for everyone else. On a happy note, my husband, who has been terminally ill for the past 2 years, is now in remission & is expected to have a great summer at camp. We are expecting our 4th great granddaughter in June & BINGO is going great for me. Hang in there & remember that we are all
pulling for you. Hugs, Marlene

emmascraftstuff said...

Hi Heidi

It sounds like you have been having a rough time lately, I am praying that everything will soon turn around for you.

You want to hear something good from us.....well on June 24th I am travelling to London with my mum to spend the day at Wimbledon watching the tennis on centre court, then we are staying overnight in a hotel before travelling home! A little girlie break away from hubby and son! I hope this fits the bill and I will pop a link to your candy on my blog!!!!

Take care, love Emma xxxx

Lianne Carper said...

Something good. Well, right now, I am sitting here typing this while my >2 month old niece is sleeping on my chest. I'm babysitting her for the first time and enjoying all of the coos and grins.
I hope things get better for you. I know how hard it is to share a kitchen with someone after it being all yours as my mother has come to stay with us for a while and it's been quite an adjustment.

Jeff said...

Its your brother. I talked to you today. Caps are going to win. Send candy to Ohio

Karen L said...

Hi Heidi,
I just found your blog through Lisa's blog and am so sorry to hear about all the adjustments you've had to make...along with health issues. It's hard enough to deal with life's roadbumps when you feel fine but when you're sick, ugh!
First of all though, let me say that your dogs are adorable!! In fact, Bunny reminds me of my grand-dog, Toby...who is a maltese-poodle mix.
The good thing that has happened to me this month was that we were able to have both my grown children over for Easter with their fiancee/spouse, and then got to have Toby stay with us for a week! I have 3 cats, but you know that dogs and cats are totally different. There's just nothing like the connection that a dog makes with you. We are struggling, like many these days, with money worries etc, but having my family healthy and close by is the best thing I can imagine!
Thanks for offering up this super blog candy and congrats on the success of your blog!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi Heidi,

Please don't enter me....because I am trying to downsize. (Though everything looks scrumptious.) I can understand about sharing and how hard it can be...about being sick. We are right now. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I so hope that she beats the odds and recovers fully. I am so glad the baby is doing well.

Now for something good. Hmmmm....I guess with all the stress that I have going on with the baby, Sheldon trying to finish up with school, get a job, sell our house and just life in general...I realize how much I love my family. How a lot of that isn't important as long as we can work it out together.

Take care....keep up with your blog as it is one of my favs. Though you need to talk more about your babies...I haven't heard any updates in awhile...except for this painful one. Your friend, Jennie

Susan said...

Something good is the joy you bring to people....your talent and creativity that you share with all of us....and gosh I have to say I laughed out loud when I read your brother's comment! Laughter is ALWAYS good and his post made me laugh.

A new month is almost here Heidi so hang in there....I bet May will be a good month for you!

Heather the Mooselover said...

I'm so sorry about your friends. I'll keep her in my prayers. Stuff like that does make other stuff seem small in comparison.

My good thing? I joined FaceBook and found a lot of my old friends. It has been wonderful to catch up on life with them.

ant me. said...

Hi Heidi : )

I guess I'm slow "getting out" this week. I am sorry to hear things are getting you down but it is understandable! you have "a lot on your plate". I will pray that Jesus heals your body and brings you joy and peace!!

Recently I have been struggling with a particularly difficult situation in my life. It has brought me down. Yesterday I heard about a young man born without arms or legs.

I was really humbled. I could not believe how upbeat and happy he is and how he lives everyday in gratitude. It made a difference in my heart and I am choosing to see the bright side of things and today has been 100% better for me - while nothing really changed in my circumstances I still "feel" happier! : )

Don't feel bad about feeling bad but I hope it passes soon and you can find your magnificent smile again!!


P.S. I love your brother! he makes me laugh every time I read his post. Tell him to be careful pretty soon I'm going to be tempted to visit your blog just to see if Jeff wrote! LOL

BIG! (((Hugs))) Patti

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Something good, let's see...

My scrap room has finally been built, carpeted etc. so that's great news!

Bad news - now I need to organize and put everything away and I keep procrastinating on it!

jenniferlynnhansen at yahoo dot com


I am so sorry to hear about your friend.My prayers are with her.

Good news: We just booked our trip to Disneyworld for this year and we will be there on our son's 4th birthday!!!


RDH said...

Oh Heidi!!! I hope things get better for you!!! It sounds like you have been put thru the ringer. Here is a big HUG!!! I've missed you, I miss chatting on the site with ya:( Well, now for some good news......I won some stamps on ebay and have been crafting my heart out!!!! I am watching more too....shhhh....don't tell!!!! I spent my Bday money on some SU stuff last week as well. How's that for some good news???;)

Annette said...

Heidi, I'm so sorry to hear you having some rough times, I will keep you and your friends in my thoughts and prayers. Something good, how about going to my blog and looking at the new photo of the puppies, they are so adorable and they will make you smile!