Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cat Cards

Sorry for not posting in awhile. I've been creating, but just not liking anything I make. Does that ever happen to you? I wanted to make a cat card for a friend, but I don't even think this looks like a cat! I hope with the fish, the recipients will be able to tell that it's a cat.

On a personal note, yesterday I was so happy because the Caps re-signed my fav player Mike Green. But then this morning I wake up to some depressing news, my fav goaltender didn't resign with the Caps, instead he went to Chicago. I'm so bummed out. I don't know anything about the new goaltender we're getting.

Oh! Yesterday I booked a vacation... I cannot wait! The last week-long vacation I had was in September 2003! We went on a Carribbean cruise. Since that time, I've had to take leave from work for a lot of family emergencies, putting the addition on the house, etc. So I haven't had enough leave accrued to take a nice long vacation. We're going here - to Gatlinburg TN. Don't these cabins look so relaxing!? Hope you're having a nice week!


Jennie Skaggs said...

How fun.....I hope you enjoy your vacation. :) We went up to some cabins in Northwest Georgia a few years was beautiful and so relaxing. I think Sheldon believes that going to California with my family, my trip to New Orleans, and our trip to Charlotte is enough of a vacation.....hehehehe...I keep adding them.

Take care....Love your cards. :) Hate that your on player didn't resign. Jennie

Jeff said...

What about dog cards??!!

Kathy said...

I LOVE these cat cards! I eye that cat template every single time I pull out my template book, but I have yet to use it. Maybe I'll have to pull it out soon :)

Anyhow, love the layouts and the colors. Super duper cute.

TerryG said...

Love this card! WoW! I love the Smokey mountains and that looks Gorgeous!