Friday, July 4, 2008

Anniversary Card

I needed to make an anniversary card and decided to copy a card I saw in a Lasting Impressions book. I thought the shoe template with the words "A Perfect Pair" would be good for an anniversary card. I dry embossed the shoes and used embroidery thread as laces.

We went and saw Hancock this afternoon, it was a cute movie. We decided to stay in and avoid the fireworks crowds this year. Rusty gets so stressed out with the fireworks booms and I hate the thought of leaving her home alone.
Hope you all had a safe & happy 4th!


Chrisi said...

Love this card! shoes are my thing - ok another one of my things. I too stayed in w/ the dogs during the fireworks - but geeze - there were plenty in our backyard! - Chrisi -

Traci said...

Your card is so cute.... I love it. Great Job!

Jennie Skaggs said...

These are took me awhile to see the shoes didn't match. Love it. Great card.

We stayed home too....and we saw Hancock probably on the same day. I was asleep before the fireworks started.