Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ooh-la-la Bombshell Stamps

I've been joining so many swaps lately and one of them was for a card swap with a "Good Girl/Bad Girl theme". I immediately thought of the Bombshell stamps that my neighbor Chrisi has, and asked her if I could borrow them. I talked her into joining the swap too. This is the card I came up with, the "Lil Devil" is on the inside, that picture turned out kind of dark. I colored both the images with my copics. I don't feel like I "get" the copic colorless blender. I think I'm doing something wrong with it because it's not really blending my colors. I'm dying to take Laura's Crazy for Copics class at my local stamp store so I can figure out how to use my copics, but every time she offers it, it fills up before I have a chance to sign up. I guess she's just in high demand. I think she's offering it again later in the summer, I'll have to watch for it and sign up when I see it listed.

I'm keeping this short, I was outside too much over the weekend and I'm really suffering from allergies now. My eyes have been watering all day! I'll be a happy girl once Fall comes around!


Kathy said...

Cute card! LOVE the sassy image!

Let me see if I can figure out a way to send you my copic coloring tutorial that I sent my mom a while back. When I sent it to her, she couldn't get the file to open and her and my hubby had to do a long, drawn-out file transfer. Maybe you'll have more luck with the CD.

I almost NEVER use the colorless blender. It doesn't really work how you'd expect to (blending two colors together). What you want to do is take two markers in the same color family (one light and one dark). Just touch the tip of the light one to the tip of the dark one, then color with the light one, until it fades to the lighter color. Repeat and repeat. Does that make sense?

The colorless blender I usually reserve for removing color to lighten up areas or to erase if I color outside the lines.

Heather said...

Ooo cheeky woman! She is cool.

I have spring allergies too and I have a runny nose and a sore throat that comes and goes. I, too, welcome Fall!

Traci said...

I love that card.... you did a great job.

TFS- Traci