Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bunny's sad... and I'm happy!

I got my carpets cleaned a few weeks ago and I've been trying to keep them looking relatively nice, but with 3 dogs it's pretty hard. I've only had Bunny 3 months and she was completely unsocialized and not house trained when I got her. She has come a long way, but still has a few problems every now and then. She can tell me when she needs to go outside, but once she starts barking to tell me, I have about 5 seconds to open the door and let her out. Sometimes that isn't possible. I bought some puppy pads and laid them out around the house, but when Zubie feels like he needs attention, he completely shreds them into little pieces. Then that does me no good when Bunny needs the puppy pads. So I found these little doggy diapers at PetSmart... perfect solution to my problems! I put one on Bunny and she looked so sad, I had to take this picture of her. She has yet to go in the diaper so I'm wondering if it's helping with the potty training, once it's on she's reminded she can't go in the house? Time will tell I guess.

And I'm happy because the Washington Capitals have made it to the NHL playoffs!! It is truly amazing.... a team that was in last place on in December, made a remarkable comeback (in part to having our coach fired and a new coach brought in) and is now in the playoffs! The arena was so loud yesterday. I am so proud of the team and their accomplishments. Oh, and if anyone knows how to wash a signed jersey and not have the signature wash off, please let me know. I was wearing my Mike Green signed jersey last night, and in the midst of celebrations, the guy who sits next to me spilled beer on me (and then he proceeded to try to lick it off my jersey.. eww!). It was signed with a sharpie, is that really permanent through the wash? I've got my playoff tickets in hand and no jersey to wear to the first game!


Donna said...

First, your duck is adorable ... string and all. Second, Bunny may be sad in diapers but her little picture made me smile ... so cute! Third, I think you should send Sharpie a quick e-mail and ask them about washing! Love your blog ... keep up the good work. Hugs, :-) Donna

Jennie Skaggs said...

Love your puppy....I hop e they help her. :) Perhaps you should put a sharpie on something else...and see if it comes off. That would be weird to have a guy trying to lick your shirt...he must have been drunk. Jennie