Monday, February 8, 2010

Nuts about you & Snow!

Well, we have really been hit hard with snow in the DC area. We have about 30" of snow on the ground where I live. I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and we tried to go out to the Capitals game yesterday, but didn't make it. I learned a valuable lesson about 4 wheel drive. If the snow is up to the bumper of the truck, and the wheels don't have traction, you're not going anywhere. We ended up getting my Durango stuck in the snow on the street. Greg ran back home to get his F-350 dually truck and tried to pull the Durango out of the snow but ended up getting the F-350 stuck in the snow as well. We then waived our white flag to the snow and walked back home! After a couple hours of shoveling, we got both of the trucks out of the snow today and are parking them at home until plows come down the street! Now I hear we are supposed to get an additional 10"-20" of snow tomorrow.

The good thing about being cooped up at home is I am getting a lot of crafting time. I have a lot of Valentine's cards and projects to share over the next week or two. I made this squirrel with Stampin' Up Punches. I got the idea from one of
Heather's online punch classes. I think he's super cute. I printed the sentiment from my computer.

The next photo is a picture of my poor little Smart car covered with snow. I think it's going to be a long time before all the snow melts and I can drive it again!


Annette said...

Your card is adorable, I love the squirrel and the fact you made it out of punches, you are so creative. WOW, your photos are incredible! I can't believe how much snow you guys got and how lucky you are that you haven't lost power. At least you are safe and warm at home. Look forward to seeing all your crafty creations you are making!

Janice W. said...

Hi Heidi,
Sorry to hear about your snow woes. :( I sure am glad it missed MA. Your little squirrel is so cute! It looks like he has his fat cheeks stuffed with acorns. Too cute!
:) Janice

Suzanne :O ) said...

this little guy is adorable- love the acorn he's holding! :) I'm counting on a snow day tomorrow- it's about time NY got some snow!! I love my days off! :D

rubberstampinzone said...

Oh Heidi, I'm sorry to hear about the tough time you're having with all that snow. I guess I better just be thankful for all the rain we are having! I hope you don't get too much more snow. and the weather man is wrong. Also I'm happy to hear that Rusty is okay : )
Now your card. !!! Oh My gosh! It's the absolute cutest card evah'! adorableness to the max. Too cute!

GeminiJen said...

Cute card. I can't believe you tried to go to the game. Now thats team spirit. :)