Friday, September 25, 2009

Same Image Card Swap

From Deb

From Koren

From Lucy

From Lidia

From Judy

From Chris

Several months ago I participated in a same image card swap. Each participant stamped an image 12 times and mailed them to the swap hostess. The swap hostess then mailed out the images to all the participants. We all made cards using the images, and each person gets back the cards that were made using their images. Hope that makes sense!
These are all the cards I received made with my cat/dog image. I've had this stamp for a long time and I don't think I had ever used it before I stamped it for this swap. I love how all the cards turned out, it really gave me some great ideas.


Janice W. said...

Hi Heidi,
What a fun batch of cards. Isn't it great to get new ideas! I love the stamp you used. I have seen stamps by that artist go pretty high on ebay, so that is a stamp you will want to hang on to. TFS, Janice

Anonymous said...

Great cards. I too adore that image. It's so cute. Looks like you've gotten some good ideas for it. have fun!

Annette said...

What great cards! I love the image, it is adorable!

Heather the Mooselover said...

Great idea for the swap- to get inspiration for your own stamp.

Years ago an online friend and I swapped some UM's we no longer wanted. One day she made the CUTEST card and I loved the image so much I asked her who made the stamp... yup- it was one of my castoffs! LOL

Susan said...

The girls did a great job on these Heidi! I sure miss the "old group" and some of the swaps we did.