Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Major Award!

I received this blog award from both Susan and Christy. Thank you ladies!! I love both of their blogs, Susan is wonderful at making House Mouse cards and she is fantastic at coloring images with colored pencils. You should definitely check out Christy's blog, she has pics posted on her blog of her gorgeous pink scrap room (I'm so jealous) and her crafty card making cat!

In order to receive this blog, I have to list 5 addictions that I have! Pretty easy...

1. Capitals Hockey - My hometown team, I love the Caps! I go to every home game, even considering hitting the road to follow them to a few away games this year!
2. Starbucks Strawberries & Cream frappucino -yummm!
3. Card Making & Scrapbooking - as if that wasn't obvious. I spend all my free time in my craft room.
4. Sunflower Seeds - (in the shell) I love to sit in front of the TV and eat sunflower seeds, they're so tasty.
5. UFC - I love, love, love the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. It's the only reality TV show that I watch. It's a bunch of guys who have to live in a house together and cage fight in order to stay on the show. I'm not really sure why I like all these violent sports. But this show gets better & better every season. Guy drama is funny. I can't wait for a new season to start soon!


ant me. said...

U Funny!! I have never seen a reality show in mylife, I have never eaten a sunflower seed in or out of the shell in my life, I have never seen a hockey game in my life, I have never even stepped foot inside of a Starbucks nor eaten a frappucino. I DO share your passion for papercrafts so, Heidi, do you still love me???!!!

Fun! and you do deserve a DOUBLE! Fabulous blog award! : )

(((Hugs))) Patti

Susan said...

Gosh Heidi! I never knew about your secret passion for the Ultimate Fighter show.....LOL!