Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frankie Bag

I saw a tutorial to make this Frankie bag on Scrap-Mart's blog here. I thought it was so cute, but seems kind of big to put candy in to give to someone. It's cute how they have it filled but not for me. So, I spent an entire evening trying to come up with a template for a smaller version of the Frankie box. The size of my Frankie box is 3" x 3 1/2". I hope you like it. The template is listed below, you can click on it to enlarge it.


Annette said...

Oh my gosh, this is completely adorable! This would make a cute gift for someone filled with candy, it is just the perfect size!

Chrisi said...

WOW - I'm proud to know ya! Impressive template and great bags!

rubberstampinzone said...

Wowwzers!! Awesome! another super cute idea.
Thanks for posting the template you came up with!!