Monday, February 18, 2008

A couple more Valentines

One last Valentine's Day card, I promise! I wanted to post this earlier but got too busy with traveling for work last week. I had to go to Dallas, TX. It was so cold and rainy there, I was glad to get back home. It is 65 degrees here today and I have the day off. Yeah! I was hoping to work on some recipe card swaps that I signed up for, but it is too nice of a day to be inside. I think I'll take the dogs to the dog park instead.

This card took about 2 minutes to make. Very simple. I dry embossed the heart onto red striped paper, cut it out and put it on a card. I needed a last minute card and wanted it to be flat so I could put a 41 cent stamp on the envelope.

Also, wanted to post some pics of gifts that my Aunts sent to me. My Aunt Judy lives in KS so I don't see her much. She just recently retired and got into stamping as a hobby. She blew me away with this candy jar! I've never made one of these, but she said she cut the bottom of the can with a pampered chef can opener, cleaned it out, filled it with M&M's, and then glued the bottom back on. It keeps the tab top in tact. She decorated the can so cute.

My other Aunt lives in TX so I don't get to see her much either, unfortunately. She completely surprised me with this KitKat bar. She's always been crafty and does a lot of quilting and sewing but never expressed an interest in papercrafting. So that's why I was shocked that she made this. I think it's awesome for a first try, don't you think? Now, if only I could get my mom interested in papercrafting...


Littlekel90 said...

Love the Valentine card. So pretty, and even better that you can mail it with only one stamp. That was a shocker for me this past Christmas . . . LOL. (whole 'nother story)

The pop-top can is very pretty. I love the pretty fibers and the dp she used is perfect! These are pretty fun and easy to make. I made a few. Any can opener that gives you a clean edge works well, then I glued mine back on with crystal effects.

Hope you get a chance to make a few . . . maybe easter? :) Thanks for dropping by my blog.

CreativeMoonBeam said...

What a very sweet valentine's card. I have never dry embossed before - what a wonderful look!

Katie said...

Love the card! And how great that it was so quick to make. Your Aunt's did a great job on the candy jar and the Kit Kat. TFS, Katie